Vkoliaictoria-Art Studio specializes in custom projects. We offer personal attention to your needs and invite you to contact us.

First of all, you should know that each project will be carried out according to the following, the framework of the plan:

    1. The first contact with the workshop (email or phone)
      • discussion on the scope of work (jewelry, consumer products, glass, sculpture, etc.)
      • if there is a preferred material
      • if there is a preferred design
      • possible techniques
    2. Transfer the design studio sketchesseparate sketch for each product
      • opportunity to design placement of stones, dimensions, etc.
    3. Discussion of the draft
      • review the scope
      • applying the changes to the project and the same sketches
      • summary of requirements
      • approximate determination of the weight and costroza
      • develop a time schedule, the Executive
    4. Summary of requirements in the form of a document / contract
      • closing stage of the design
      • meeting all requirements with the sketches in one document / contract
      • valuation of the project and determine the form and amount of the advance
      • signing of the contract by both parties and a deposit payment
    5. The project realisation
      • depending on the scale of one to several weeks
      • possible different forms of packaging
      • certification
      • determine the transport / collection and payment
    6. Conclusion and summary of the project – the transfer of goods.